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  • Online buying, selling, and shipping tips. Learn how to ship your sold items as cheap as possible. Get FREE boxes. MORE!
  • Hilarious, fake banana company website I whipped up in Word back in the 90's to trick a banana loving coworker into eating the gross banana strings he meticulously picks off the fruit each day. My own personal Punk'd show!
  • Pandora Recovery. Totally FREE un-delete program for Windows, a CNet Top10 Utility. Can even locate files after a hard drive format. Disclosure: I performed the QA for this product as an employee of Trek Eight.
  • SlickDeals.net  This website has both saved and made me a LOT of CA$H. Post deals, share deals, find deals, coupons, freebees, more! You can even sign up for an account and subscribe to automatic emails about deals based on keywords and thumb ratings. I check here before buying ANYTHING. The HOT DEALS forum is the primary spot for sweet bargains.









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