Source Audio Nemsis Sound Samples and Patches

Here are some sound samples recorded with my Source Audio Nemesis Delay pedal.

Disclosure: I am a paid tester for Source Audio products.

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Description Instrument Used Interface Used Notes
n/a Shifter
Westbury Track 4 bass favoring the neck pickup, fingers
Bass > Nemesis > straight into the M-Audio Profire 2626 instrument inputs.
Fun bass demo using the Shifter delay voice as a quasi harmonizer, tempo synced via MIDI Clock
n/aBass synth with octave up delay
Lakland Duck Dunn P-bass, fingers
Reamped bass loop > Future Impact > back into the Profire > Amplitube Ampeg SVT sim
Dual voice Future Impact bass synth PCM patch, then Source Audio Nemesis Shifter (octave up) delay added for another dimension.

Last updated 01-23-2016  



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