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I'm very hands on and have what I consider a very technical aptitude. Those qualities paired with my desire to save big money have led me to try nearly all handyman tasks that go along with home ownership. I've done roof repair, fence installation, tiling, drywall repair, trim work, doors, more tiling, more painting than I care to remember, and even some HVAC repair. So far I've met with great success on most of my projects with the exception of copper plumbing. I'm 1-for-8 on those projects. But at least I now know to simply hire a plumber from the get go. Can't win them all!

Here's a couple examples of some home improvement projects I'm particularly proud of.

Tile Shower

I totally gutted the old, leaking original shower including removal of the lead pan (yes, lead!) and cemented drain which led to my first experience with a jackhammer. Correctly installed a liner based pan with the correct slope, flamed granite flooring and Italian tile walls and ceiling. Turned out so totally excellent, including a nifty built-in shelf. Flamed granite flooring was super awesome, and completely non-slip. 




Master Closet

Our master bedroom was refurbished by the previous owner by knocking down a wall separating two smaller bedrooms. However, that wall included the closets. I received quotes for building a closet into the room for $3000. I recall doing it myself for less than $300. Othan than the fact the hot water baseboard heading goes through the new closet wall and into the actual closet you'd probably never know it wasn't installed when the house was originally built.


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